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Great Real Estate Photography is an essential part of a proper marketing plan, and it’s quality reflects directly upon you as an agent. With our comprehensive Real Estate photography daylight
or twilight packages, you can expect our team to be professional, prompt and courteous. We will help you Sell more and Save more at WESTERN PROPERTY MARKETING PTY LTD.

Floor Plan

Floor plans are here to stay, complimenting your Real Estate Photography. Popular real estate websites regularly record an average of 20,000,000 views per month on floor plans alone. The market now demands that real estate agents use floor plans for every listing. WESTERN PROPERTY MARKETING has experts designing one of the best FLOOR PLANS in the market. Order today Real Estate Photography Floor plan.

Sign Boards

Promote your properties and increase drive by traffic with our custom real estate Sign Board. We offer custom for sale signs, Realtor signs, brochure boxes, metal frames and more to help with all your real estate needs. Our real estate signs come with weather warranty to give you that peace of mind. Bundle up with one of our Real Estate Photography Packages.

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DRONE Photography

Drones or UAVs have added an exciting new dimension to film-making, providing an ‘intimate’ aerial view of the world. Drone Photography is the future in Real Estate Photography and at WESTERN PROPERTY MARKETING PTY LTD. we are Introducing this service SEPTEMBER 2016.

Staff Portraits

Need a Professional headshot for your website, signs, business cards etc. We provide a wide range of portrait photos for our realtors.

Virtual Furniture/Staging

Sore back from moving all of the furniture around? Sick of your nagging spouse telling you to move the same chair for the 100th time? Sell homes faster, save backs, and save marriages by our Virtual Staging/Furniture Service. This service lets you show off your empty house as it were a fully FURNISHED HOME. Using latest technology we can now save thousands of dollars.


Get your photos cleaned up of any unwanted items that could not have been moved at the right time. Follow our simple Real Estate Photography guidelines to a nicely organised and clean property before a shoot or pay a little extra for this service. Even though this service is available, we recommend that our clients follow the REAL ESTATE PHOTOGRAPHY guidelines.

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Due to Growing Real Estate Photography needs of our agents and Western Property Marketing's dedication to give our RE agents the best material for marketing, We are happy to Introduce

  • . HDVideo Tours (not virtual tour):
  • . DRONE photography:
  • . SIGNboards:
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Drone Video

One of the most popular use case for commercial drones in the near future will be for real estate photography, construction, where they will be used for surveying and mapping.
UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) may become a key tool forsurveyors by allowing improved measurement accuracy and faster work,” according to researchers.
Sales of drones used for commercial purposes are predicted to reach $20.6 billion worldwide, with about $11.2 billion generated by the construction and real estate industries.