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Age of Technology 2017- people are rushed and have much shorter attention spans. Online, you have about three seconds, yes that's right three seconds, to get someone's attention, otherwise they are gone to the next listing. In those three seconds, they are going to spend about 2 seconds looking at the photo. That photo must grab their attention, it needs to stand out. Our photos stand out from the pack and will get your listing noticed. This translates into a much higher click through rate.As we drive more people to your listings, you will see an increase in sales.


These photos are the ultimate when setting the mood. Twilight photography romances the buyer and gets them fantasizing—once that happens, the house has become a home. Client has a Beautiful home with a lot of lighting... Then dont even think twice . Give your photos an extra edge with our twilight shoot. Our Photographer will go out to the property before the sun goes down ,inspect for changes needed to be made and then set up lighting , then at the right time, the SHOTS are taken in a mere window of 15-20 minutes.

Floor Plans

As a Marketing Company we know what out clients like to see when it comes to different types of Floor Plans. How we know: We do regular surveys, in which general public(prospect buyes) are shown our range of Floor Plans through social media, auctions, sale and rent inspections. Why we do it: We like to think we know our clients needs better than others ,which makes a huge difference when it comes to customer satisfaction. Our Photographers usually draw a sketch on site using latest technology tools and softwares such as ipad apps, laser measure etc. Then the sketch is emailed back to the Design team, who have an eye for turning sketches into homes.


At Western Property Marketing, we provide professional drone services for aerial photography and video in the following areas:

1. Real estate property photography and video;

2. Sports & commercial event drone video;

3. Party & wedding aerial photography and video;

4. Commercial ad video;
We provide post product processing for all packages. Real Estate Photography is what we wanna focus on, now that the Drones open the new doors of possibility.
Drones or UAVs have added an exciting new dimension to film-making, providing an ‘intimate’ aerial view of the world. Our Operators are licensed, trained and insured.
This is not amateur hour. Only experienced professionals can capture the best views in the air. Not all properties demand this type of attention, but when they do, we deliver and make you and your property look incredible.


We offer custom for sale signs, Realtor signs, brochure boxes, metal frames and more to help with all your real estate needs. Our real estate signs achieve the results you want, in fact a recent NAR study showed that 63 percent of buyers said they used information from a for sale sign to help in their search. We will install, maintain and remove the signboard . Use one of our professional designs or create your own for sale signs from scratch to get your properties sold today. Please contact your local Photographer for more information.

HD Video Tours

Allow potential buyers the opportunity to see what it's like to move through the home through this unique perspective. Capture all of the fantastic features and showcase the home like never before. We capture stunning HD video with our range of platforms. High and slow, fast and low... This service typically takes 1-2 hours. We provide full video editing for a final product ready to publish on request. Full 1080p HD Videos Dazzle audiences with dramatic 1080p videos. Not to be confused with a virtual tour, our video tours are shot with a professional high definition video camera and professional-grade audio mics. Video is the perfect way to show online viewers your listing and your clients will be extremely impressed by your sophisticated investment into the marketing of their most valuable asset. Audio narrations and your very own intros and outros are available as well! Video not only does an amazing job at marketing your listing, but also at marketing you personally